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The Coleridge Bulletin, published twice yearly, is sent to members of the Friends of Coleridge. Articles are made available online three years after the publication of the printed version.

Editor: Jeffrey Barbeau

Books for review should be sent to the editor at Dept of BTS, Wheaton College, 501 College Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187 USA

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New Series 62, Winter 2023

Bulletin Winter 2023

Editors’ Introduction: Brecht de Groote, Tim Fulford, and Matthew Sangster
Robert Morrison: De Quincey Now: A Foreword
Margaret Russett: Suspended Life
Daniel S. Roberts: Associationism, Self-Formation, and the Pursuit of Happiness in De Quincey’s Early Writings
Felicity James: Fountains and Night Fears: Lamb, De Quincey, and Childhood in the London Magazine
Nick Dodd: De Quincey’s Co-Ontological Sleep: Electra’s Kindness as a Way beyond ‘Dog Sleep’ and Nightmare
Peter J. Kitson: ‘I cannot muster a fiddle’: De Quincey, Lamb, Opium, and Addiction
Daniel Cook: ‘Arrayed for Mutual Slaughter’: Warfare and Moral Action in De Quincey’s Later Essays


The New Cambridge Companion to Coleridge, edited by Tim Fulford | Anya Taylor
In Xanadu: Gedichte Englisch/Deutsch, edited and translated by Florian Bissig, & Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Eine Biografie, by Florian Bissig | Christoph Bode
Chinese Dreams in Romantic England: The Life and Times of Thomas Manning, by Edward Weech | Serena Qihui Pei
Look Round for Poetry: Untimely Romanticisms, by Brian McGrath | D. B. Ruderman
Romantic Actors, Romantic Dramas: British Tragedy on the Regency Stage, by James Armstrong | Julie Carlson
Coleridge and the Geometric Idiom: Walking with Euclid, by Ann C. Colley | Catherine Ross
“Genial” Perception: Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Myth of Genius in the Long Eighteenth Century, by William Edinger | Jacob Risinger
Romanticism and the Rule of Law: Coleridge, Blake, and the Autonomous Reader, by Mark L. Barr | Richard Ian Berkeley
Down to the Sunless Sea: A Troubled Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Mediterranean, by Andrew and Suzanne Edwards | Barry Hough

New Series 61, Summer 2023

Coleridge Bulletin 61

Claire M. Smith: Coleridge's Need to Draw
Catherine Ross: 'Words in Tuneful Order': Anglo-Classical Schools and the Romantic Poets
Adam Neikirk: Specters of Coleridge: Poetry, Biography, and the Ghost of Hope
Inês Rosa: Nonsense and Sound in Coleridge’s Table Talk and ‘Kubla Khan’
Margaret A. Fisher: Mental Imagery and the Inaccessible ‘Gaps’ of ‘Kubla Khan’
James Smoker: ‘We Do Not Know the Laws of that Country’: Lamb and Coleridge at the Threshold of Faerie
Stuart Andrews: Poets at Odds: Coleridge and Wordsworth


Michael Tomko on The Making of Poetry: Coleridge, the Wordsworths, and Their Year of Marvels by Adam Nicolson, with woodcuts and paintings by Tom Hammick
Alan P. R. Gregory on The Evangelical Party and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Return to the Church of England
Humberto Garcia on Romantic Egypt: Abyssal Ground of British Romanticism by Elizabeth A. Fay
Adam Walker on Romantic Prayer: Reinventing the Poetics of Devotion, 1773–1832 by Christopher Stokes
Julie Camarda on William Wordsworth, Second-Generation Romantic: Contesting Poetry after Waterloo by Jeffrey N. Cox
Hannah Britton on Canals, Castles and Catholics: Dora Wordsworth’s Continental Journal of 1828 edited by Cecilia Powell
Elisa Beshero-Bondar on Sir Thomas More: or, Colloquies on The Progress and Prospects of Society by Robert Southey, edited by Tom Duggett
Christopher Corbin on The Lake Poets in Prose: Connecting Threads by Stuart Andrews
Allison Dushane on The Collected Letters of Sir Humphry Davy edited by Tim Fulford and Sharon Ruston


New Series 60, Winter 2022

Paul Cheshire: Confessions of an Inquiring Pantheist
Anya Taylor: Coleridge’s Magnetism
Heidi Thomson: Sibylline Tweets: Coleridge and Newspaper Writing
Andrea Timar: The Mother’s Care(ss)
Peter Cheyne: Coleridge’s Cosmic Sense of Ideas
Alix Gallagher: First Encounters with the ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’
Jacob Lloyd: Coleridge and Politics in 2022
Joanna Taylor: How to See and Feel: Connecting through Coleridge’s Dejection
Adam Walker: Coleridge’s Symbol and the Soul’s Vocabulary
Gregory Leadbetter: Coleridge and the Drama of Becoming
Jake Grefenstette: ‘All-shaped shadows’: Imagining Coleridge in Beijing
Jeffrey Barbeau: Coleridge’s American Disciple
Seamus Perry: Coleridge on the Constitution of Church and State
Graham Davidson: Coleridge and Eliot: the Idea of History
Allison Dushane: Coleridge and the ‘fiction of science’
Jeff Hipolito: Coleridge’s Healing Thought
James Engell: Coleridge’s Epitaph: Rediscovering S.T.C.

New Series 59, Summer 2022

Tim Whelan: A New Letter by Sara Fricker Coleridge to Matilda Betham
Elizabeth Shand: Sara Coleridge’s Annotated Phantasmion
Jim Mays: Thoughts on ‘Reply to a Lady’s Question’
Gareth Polmeer: Barfield’s Early Writing and the Influence of Coleridge


Editorial: S. T. Coleridge and P. B. Shelley
Cynthia Scheinberg on Singing in a Foreign Land: Anglo-Jewish Poetry 1812-17, by Karen A. Weisman
Mark Schoenfield on Living as an Author in the Romantic Period, by Matthew Sangster
Adam Neikirk on Poetics, Aesthetics and Phenomenology in Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by Tom Marshal
David Jasper on Secret Selves: A History of Our Inner Space, by Stephen Prickett
Miriam Elizabeth Burstein on Fatal Errors; or Poor Mary-Anne. A Tale of the Last Century, ed. Timothy Whelan and Felicity James
Jake Grefenstette on The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism and Religion, ed. Jeffrey W. Barbeau

New Series 58, Winter 2021

Tim May: Coleridge in Bristol: the 1795 Slave Trade Lecture
Tom Mayberry: Images of Friendship: The Stowey Portraits by William Shuter
Lois Linkens: ‘Christabel’ & the Possibilities of the Witching Hour
Felicity James: The Comforts of Family
Jeffrey Barbeau: The Consolation of Friendship


Daniel Larson on Coleridge’s Contemplative Philosophy, by Peter Cheyne
Joanna Taylor on William Gilbert and Esoteric Romanticism, by Paul Cheshire
Jordan Welsh on Christ’s Hospital: Tradition with Vision, edited by David Taplin and Lizzie Ballagher
Timothy Whelan on Henry Crabb Robinson, Romantic Comparatist, 1790–1811, by Philipp Hunnekuhl
Madeleine Callaghan The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley: Volume VII, edited by Nora Crook
Marjean D. Purinton on Rethinking the Romantic Era: Androgynous Subjectivity and the Recreative in the Writings of Mary Robinson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Mary Shelley, by Kathryn S. Freeman

Drew Clode Coleridge Remains at Highgate

New Series 57, Summer 2021

Jeffrey Hipolito: The Romantic Modernism of Owen Barfield’s Poetic Diction
Michael Di Fuccia: The “Polar Logic” in Barfield’s Coleridge
Gareth Polmeer: Projection, Polarity and Participation
Douglas Hedley: Barfield and Gadamer on the Inner Word
Jacob Sherman: Barfield, Coleridge and the End of Nature
Paul Cheshire: Coleridge, Barfield, and the Countercultural Stance
Jake Grefenstette: Coleridge Contra Eliot: Form and Incarnation in The Tower
Tiffany Brooke Martin: Imagination and Unity in The Rose on the Ash-Heap
Graham Davidson: Has Romanticism Come of Age?


Amanda Blake Davis on Cecilia Muratori’s Renaissance Vegetarianism: The Philosophical Afterlives of Porphyry’s On Abstinence

New Series 56, Winter 2020

Justin Shepherd: Two New Coleridge Letters: The Angels of Paternoster Row
Robin Schofield: Sara Coleridge’s Dialogues on Regeneration
Jeffrey W. Barbeau: Coleridge, Bushnell and the Nature of Religious Language
David Smith: Vampiric Transgression and Fin-de-Siècle Conflicts in Christabel
Lilach Naishtat Bornstein: Coleridge and the Reading of the Song of Songs


Charles Mahoney on Tim Fulford’s Wordsworth’s Poetry, 1815-1845
Karen Swann on Sarah Zimmerman’s The Romantic Literary Lecture in Britain
Richard Gibson on Casie LeGette’s The Radical Politics of the Excerpt
Max. van Woudenberg on Giles Whiteley’s Schelling’s Reception in British Literature
Adam Roberts on Bethany Askew’s novels The Coleridges at Stowey and The Two Saras: Coleridge in Cumbria; and J S Berkman’s The Secret Ministry of Frost

New Series 55, Summer 2020

Fiona Stafford:  Coleridge’s Only Tree: Picturing the Birch
Ralph Pite:  Notebooks, Landscapes and Poetry in Coleridge’s Quantocks
Tim Fulford:  Coleridge and Davy in the Mountains and on the Page
Paul Cheshire:  Beldam Nature: Witch and Goddess
The Editor reviews ‘Coleridge and the Poetry of Nature’ by Greg Leadbetter


Jeffrey Barbeau: The Fate of Bibliography and Reviews Editorial
Mark Canuel on Fred Burwick’s A History of Romantic Literature
Sean Barry on Jeff Strabone’s Poetry and British Nationalisms in the Eighteenth Century
Aimee Barbeau on Timothy Michael’s British Romanticism and Political Reason
Nicholas Reid on Murray Evans’s Sublime Coleridge
Robin Whittaker on Van Fox Lloyd’s Anian Straits
Kim Wheatley on Karen Swann’s Lives of the Dead Poets: Keats, Shelley, Coleridge
Linda Reesman on Mark Bruhn’s Wordsworth Before Coleridge
Jessica Oliver on Brad Brannon’s Jonathan Edwards, S T Coleridge and the Will

We Shot the Albatross – The Big Read – Jeff Barbeau interviews Philip Hoare

Marilyn Gaull - Anya Taylor

Rosemary Coleridge Middleton - Tom Mayberry

New Series 54, Winter 2019

Paul Cheshire - Orientalism Bristol Fashion: Charles Fox and Achmed Ardebeili
Verity Merryweather - The Shadow-Line: ‘Alone on a wide, wide sea’
Felix Culpepper - Coleridge at the Trial of William Frend
Waka Ishikura - Sarah and Arabella Lawrence: Coleridge and William Hamilton

Jeffrey Barbeau ― Marilyn Gaull
Madeleine Callaghan ― Michael O’Neill
Graham Davidson and Bruce Graver ― Richard Gravil


Jeffrey Barbeau Reviews Editorial
Michael Raiger on Wordsworth’s Bardic Vocation, by Richard Gravil
Richard Gravil on Wordsworth’s Monastic Inheritance, by Jessica Fay
Peter Cheyne on The Mysticism of Jakob Böhme, by Cecilia Muratori
Jeff Strabone on Self-Canonization and the Business of Poetry, by Michael Gamer
Anastasia Stelse on The Vocation of Sara Coleridge, by Robin Schofield
Dometa Brothers on Coleridge’s Legacy in Britain and America, by Philip Aherne
William Davis on Handbook of British Romanticism, edited by Ralph Haekel
Heidi Snow on Wordsworth and the Art of Philosophical Travel, by Mark Offord
Andrea Timár on Coleridge and Contemplation, edited by Peter Cheyne
Joshua King on Religion in Romantic England, edited by Jeffrey Barbeau 

Nick Dodd on The Coleridge Study Weekend, Halsway, 2019

New Series 53, Summer 2019

Tim Fulford - The John Beer Bursary
Philip Lindholm - Caterpillars and the ‘convulsive agonies’ of the ‘Chrysalis’  
Eric Walker Charles Lamb - Emma Isola and the Politics of Adoption, 1820  
Michael Raiger - Anna Barbauld’s Influence on Coleridge’s Religious Imagination
Adam Walker - Darwin’s Theory of Repetition and the Primary Imagination
Jodie Lee Heap - Coleridge and Fichte on the Power of Imagination
Jessica Oliver - Self-consciousness and Imagination in the Biographia  
Suzanne Webster - Self-consciousness and the Search for Self-Knowledge  
Kurtis Hessel Wordsworth - Priestley and the Revolution in Knowledge  


Jeffrey Barbeau Reviews Editorial  
Jonathan Gonzalez on Eduardo Zuccato’s Petrarch in Romantic England
Adam Roberts on J. C. C. Mays’s Coleridge’s Dejection Ode
Peter Larkin on Ewan Jones’s Coleridge and the Philosophy of Literary Form  
Brennan O’Donnell on Julia Carlson’s Romantic Marks and Measures  
Bruce Graver on The Prelude, edited by James Engell and Michael Raymond  
Linda Austin on Beatrice Turner’s Romantic Childhood, Romantic Heirs  

Jonathan Gonzalez on Romantic Era Lakeland, a Conference at Keswick

New Series 52, Winter 2018

Anthony Harding: Coleridge, Wakefield and the Suppressed History of Dissent
Anya Taylor:  Human and Non-Human: Coleridge, Peter Larkin and Eco-Poetry
Peter Cheyne:  ‘Wild Activity of Thoughts’: Associationism and the Idea of Life
Edward Weech:  Thomas Manning and the Coleridge circle
Lilach Naishtat Bornstein:  A Collaborative Reading of Christabel in Hebrew
Linda Reesman'Love in Fairy-land': Literary Wives and Daughters
Yimon Lo:  The River Sonnets of Bowles, Coleridge and Wordsworth
Kathryn Walls:  An Ovidian Antecedent for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Coleridge at Cambridge  In his own words and those of his biographers


Jeffrey Barbeau:  Reviews Editorial
Fred Burwick on The Legacy of Göttingen, by Maximiliaan van Woudenberg
Joel Harter on Mariner: A Voyage with S. T. Coleridge, by Malcolm Guite
Talissa Ford on Memorializing Animals in the Romantic Period, by Chase Pielak
Adam Walker on Coleridge the Mystic Poet, by Eric Wasilewski, and
     Percy Bysshe Shelley: Poet and Revolutionary, by Jacqueline Mulhallen     
Tim Whelan introduces Mary Hays, her Life, Writing and Correspondence

New Series 51, Summer 2018

The Life and work of John Beer
John Beer Bibliography

Peter Larkin:  Imagine Counter-Imagine: Coleridge’s Haunted Re-Dedications
Kenneth Boyd: 'All that metaphysical disquisition' & the Faculty Divine Deleted?
Genevieve Smart:  The Trinitarian Dialectics of Child Development
Malcolm Guite:  From Shaping Spirit to Living Power: A Theology of Imaginatio
Helen Boyles: ‘Wild Walking’ and Extraordinary Revelations in STC’s Notebooks
Graham Davidson:  Coleridge’s Primary and Religious Imagination: A Prescript


Jeffrey Barbeau on Short Selections from John Beer’s works, and Reviews Editorial
Eugene Stelzig on This Long Pursuit, by Richard Holmes
Paul Cheshire on A Modern Coleridge, by Andrea Timar
Stuart Andrews on Romanticism and Methodism, by Helen Boyles
Katy Beavers on Radical Contra-diction, by Björn Bosserhof
Justin Shepherd on Professor William Knight, by Reavell, Gill, Roe & Cowton

New Series 50, Winter 2017

Tim Fulford: Brothers in Lore: Thalaba, ‘Christabel’ and ‘Kubla Khan’
Gregory Leadbetter: The ‘true wild weird spirit’ of Christabel
Graham Davidson: Christabel: A Poem of Transformation
Perdita Davidson: Christabel: A Poem of Transgression

Cristina Flores: Transatlantic Cudworth
Dillon Struwig: Coleridge’s Critical Commentary on Schelling’s Freedom Essay

Timothy Whelan and James Vigus: A Newly Discovered Coleridge Annotation
Timothy Whelan: Coleridge and Hughes: An Ecumenical Friendship, 1795-1831


Jeffrey Barbeau on Two Centuries of Kubla Khan
James Engellon on Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, by J.C.C. Mays
Gregory Leadbetter on Poems, in Two Volumes, ed. Richard Matlak
Murray Evans on Imagination and the Playfulness of God, by Robin Stockitt, and    
Poetic Faith from Coleridge to Tolkien, by Michael Tomko
Allison Dushane on Coleridge and the Nature of Imagination, by David Ward
Adam Neikirk on The Idea of Infancy in British Poetry, by D.B. Ruderman
Christine Woody on Coleridge and the Romantic Newspaper, by Heidi Thomson
Ralf Haekel on A Romantics Chronology, by Martin Garrett

Peter Larkin: Study Weekend Report 2017 ― Coleridge’s Religious Imagination

New Series 49, Summer 2017

Peter J. Manning:   Edward Irving: Coleridge, Sign and Symbol
Robin Jarvis:  Delinquent Travellers:, Coleridge, Wordsworth, and the Rhine Tour
Jessica Fay:  Coleridge, Wordsworth and Sir G. Beaumont: the  ‘Sketcheresque’
Murray J. Evans:  Coleridge’s Sublime & On the Constitution of Church and State
Kimberley Page-Jones:  Nocturnal Coleridge: the 1803 autumnal fragments
Jacob Lloyd:  ‘every Thing is God’: Coleridge and Priestley Reconsidered
Tom Clucas:  Bristol miscellanies: STC’s conversational ideal for Lyrical Ballads
Daniel Larson:  What Was Left of Coleridge’s Cain
Jonatan González:  The Afterlife of Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Spanish Press
Sharon Tai:  Poetic Obscurity in the Sublime System of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Shirley Watters:  Two Tributes, from her Service of Thanksgiving
Derrick Woolf:  A Tribute by Tilla Brading


Jeffrey Barbeau:  Looking Back, Looking Forward
Seamus Perry on Romantic Poetry and Literary Coteries by Tim Fulford
Paul Cheshire on Coleridge’s Chrysopoetics by Kiran Toor
Jacob Risinger on Coleridge and Communication by Florian Bissig

New Series 48, Winter 2016

David Hopkins: The ‘Englit’ Syllabus and ‘The Canon'
Kazuko Oguro: Does Coleridge Anticipate Bergson?
J. Gerald Janzen: The Dialectics of Faith in Coleridge’s First Notebook
Genevieve Smart: Protolanguage, the Logos and the “The Eolian Harp”
Nicola Healey: The Problem of Alcohol in Hartley Coleridge’s Life and Work
Hilary Newman: Henry Crabb Robinson on William Godwin

Nigel Dodd: A Tribute read at his Memorial Service, by Tim Dodd


The Henry Crabb Robinson Project – a report by James Vigus
Paul Hamilton on Guilty Thing: A Life of De Quincey by Frances Wilson
Adam Neikirk on The Green Mantle of Romanticism, and Green Writing
Emma Poval on The Letters of William Godwin, Vol II, ed. Pamela Clemit
Stuart George listens to Esteesee, by Ange Hardy

New Series 47, Summer 2016

Anya Taylor: Coleridge’s Worries about the Afterlife
Paul Cheshire: Poems 1803 - the Fall of Cottle and the Rise of Longman
Nick Dodd: Sleep and Prayer in ‘The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere’
John Williams: Peter Bell - Wordsworth’s addiction to doubt
Emma Mason: Thinking with plants - ecological logos and The Ancient Mariner
Peter Larkin: A Back to Back Reading of  The Ancient Mariner and Peter Bell
Graham Pechey: Living Powers - Idea and Symbol in Coleridge


Timothy Whelan on Coleridge’s Father, by Jim Mays


James Vigus on Il Canto dell’Antico Navicante, translated by Ugo Gervasoni
Vicky Beddow introduces A Life of Thomas De Quincey by Frances Wilson
David Worthy retires: a tribute by Justin Shepherd

New Series 46, Winter 2015

Timothy Whelan: Crabb Robinson on Pre-Existence and the Afterlife
James Vigus: Coleridge’s Translation of Friedrich Schiller’s Wallenstein Plays
J. Gerald Janzen: Coleridge & his Father in the Conclusions to BL and OM2
Chine Sonoi: Wat Tyler and A Vision of Judgement: Southey’s liberal sensibility
Richard Gravil: A ‘hideous rout’: Wordsworth’s ‘Thanksgiving Ode’ in Context
Zachary Seager: Henry James, ‘The Coxon Fund’, and a ‘fine central genius’
Barry Hough: Coleridge in Wig and Gown: The ‘Pirates’ and the Pelican
Hilary Newman: Henry Crabb Robinson and Sara Coleridge


Cecilia Muratori on Aurora (Morgen Röte im auffgang, 1612), by Jacob Boehme
Nicholas Halmi on Biographia Literaria, edited by Adam Roberts
Ewan Jones on Tragic Coleridge, by Chris Murray
Hilary Newman on Sara Coleridge: Her Life and Thought, by Jeffrey Barbeau
Chris Murray on Osorio and Sheridan’s Duel
Jo Taylor on ‘Southey and the Bristol Poets’ – A One Day Conference

New Series 45, Summer 2015

Jim Mays - Reading Alice du Clos, and for the birds
Paul Cheshire - Shakespeare Milton: Coleridge's Psychomachia
Murray Evans - Sublime Hermeneutics in Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit
Nigel Dodd - T S Eliot, Coleridge and Shakespeare's Richard II
Sally West and Jen Davis - 'Witchery by daylight': Christabel unbound
Daniel Weeks - Coleridge: Nationhood and the Limits of Collective Memory

The Kyoto Conference on Coleridge and Contemplation
Emily Holman and Dillon Struwig - Coleridge and Contemplation in Kyoto
Roger Scruton - Imagination and Truth: Reflections after Coleridge


Warren Oakley on Great Shakespeareans, ed. Rawson, Holland, Paulin & Poole
Jeffrey Barbeau on Private Lives of the Ancient Mariner, by Molly Lefebure
Paul Cheshire on What Coleridge Thought, by Owen Barfield
Barry Murnane on Medicine and the Natural Supernatural, by Gavin Budge
Cristina Flores and Jonatan Gonzalez on Romantic Literature, by John Gilroy
Justin Shepherd on Lyrical Ballads 1798 and 1802, ed. Fiona Stafford

New Series 44, Winter 2014

Michael Raiger - Coleridge and Hopkins
Kimberley Page-Jones - Lines in Motion and Thoughts in Act in the Notebooks
Judith Thompson - Coleridge, Thelwall and "Visions of Philosophy"
John Thelwall - "Visons of Philosophy"
Justin Shepherd - 'The Picture or, The Lover's Resolution'
Andrew Keanie - De Quincey's Portrait of Coleridge as a Work of Fine Art
Elisa Beshero-Bondar - Bailing Out Coleridge
Peter Cheyne - The Art of Poetic Life-Writing
Marija Reiff - Commanding Genius and Shakespearean Allusion in Zapolya


Ross Wilson on Coleridge and Kantian Ideas in England, by Monika Class
Eugene Stelzig on Myself and Some Other Being, by Daniel Robinson
Susan Valladares on British Georgian Theatre, by David Worrall
Richard Gravil on William and Dorothy Wordsworth, by Pamela Woof

New Series 43, Summer 2014

Paul Cheshire - William Gilbert: Son of a Saintly Slave Owner
James Vigus - Coleridge's View of the Daimonion of Socrates
Gregory Leadbetter - Coleridge and the Waters of Plynlimon
Gavin Sourgen - Ambitious Abjection: Poetic Activation through Inertia
Gabriele de Luca - Coleridge and Vico: influence or theoretical affinity?   Part 2
Katy Beavers - The Legacy of the AM: Mary Shelley and the Wanderer


Tim Whelan on Unusual Suspects: Pitt's Reign of Alarm, by Kenneth R Johnston   Part 2
Jeffrey Einboden on Coleridge's Philosophy of Faith, by Joel Harter
Ewan James Jones on Romantic Poetry: An Annotated Anthology (Blackwell)
James Castell on Animality in British Romanticism, by Peter Heymans
Warren Oakley on Shandean Humour, eds. K Vieweg, J Vigus & K M Wheeler
Sarah Weiger on Dorothy Wordsworth: Wonders of Everyday, by Pamela Woof
Tessa Whitehouse on The Life of Daniel Defoe, by John Richetti
Ben Manning on Clouds of Glory, a film by Ken Russell and Melvyn Bragg

 New Series 42, Winter 2013

Tim Fulford - Coleridge's Visions of 1816
Helen Boyles- Visions of Fatherhood in Coleridge's Early and Late Poetry
Linda Reesman - Coleridge being Coleridge
Hilary Newman - The Structure of Sara Coleridge's Phantasmion
Paul Kim - Ecotheological Elements in Wordsworth's Ecclesiastical Sonnets


Simon Jarvis on Promising Losses, by Peter Larkin
Justin Shepherd on Experimental Poetics, by J C C Mays
Philip Aherne on Translantic Transcendantalism, by Samantha Harvey
Daniel Cook on John Keats: A New Life, by Nicholas Roe
Joel Harter on Symbol and Intuition, edited by H Huhn and J Vigus

New Series 41, Summer 2013



New Series 40, Winter 2012


New Series 39, Summer 2012


New Series 38, Winter 2011


New Series 37, Summer 2011


New Series 36, Winter 2010



New Series 35, Summer 2010



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  • Tilar Mazzeo Romanticism and Colonialism: Writing and Empire, 1780-1830, edited by Tim Fulford and Peter Kitson


New Series 12, Winter 1998



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New Series 10, Autumn 1997



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New Series 8, Autumn 1996

Conference Issue, July 1996 [unnumbered]

  • Peter Larkin David Jones and The Ancient Mariner
  • Alan Halsey An Afterword
  • Antje Klesse Mervyn Peake's illustrations for 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'


New Series 7, Spring 1996



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Cornelius Peck Lines Written between Alfoxden and Nether Stowey (Poem)


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