Alfoxden to Stowey Walk

Alfoxden to Nether Stowey Walk

On Saturday 10 June, Terence Sackett and Ian Enters will be leading a walk from Alfoxden to Nether Stowey. It is part of the Sedgemoor Ramblers Walking Festival. There will be readings from 'Lyrical Ballads', plus extracts from Dorothy Wordsworth's Alfoxden Journal.

Symposium: ‘Writing Romantic Lives’

‘Writing Romantic Lives’
A One Day Postgraduate Symposium, hosted by Romanticism @ Edge Hill University & Keele University
25 November 2017

This postgraduate conference is held in celebration of the 200th anniversary of S. T. Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria (1817), an experimental combination of life writing, philosophy, and literary criticism. Coleridge’s interest in the self, creativity, imagination, and the relationship between poetry and cultural life forms part of the wider Romantic exploration of individuality and collectivity.

This one-day symposium, co-organised by Edge Hill and Keele Universities, asks: what kind of value is placed on auto/biographical writings of the Romantic period? How does life writing in the Romantic period engage with philosophical, theological and literary critical theories? What would Romantic writers have to say now, if given the chance?

Proposals for individual papers, panels of 3 speakers and a chair, or innovative presentation formats, are invited on the following topics (although they are certainly not limited to them):

Coleridge and the bicentenary of Biographia Literaria (1817)
The historical/cultural/literary significance of life writing (auto/biographical)
Poetry, prose and essays by and about key and marginal Romantic figures
Adaptations and re-imaginings of Romantic lives
Female biography and gender
Explorations of the link between creativity and the primary/secondary imagination
Health, illness and disability
Literary and memoir musings on 18th/19th century life
Romantic ecologies
Romantic life sciences and medicine
The evaluation and interpretation of literature
Memorial and elegiac writing
‘Spirit(s) of the age’
The ‘vitality’ debate
Romantic afterlives and legacies

Please submit:

Abstracts of 250 words for individual papers / creative responses

or panel proposals / innovative presentation formats of 500 words (including a brief introduction and details of each paper), along with a short biography of presenters

to by 18th September 2017.

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Imagined Worlds 'Kubla Khan' art exhibition at Coleridge Cottage in May

Imagined Worlds 'Kubla Khan' art exhibition at Coleridge Cottage

During May visitors to the National Trust's Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey will have a unique opportunity to see an innovative exhibition of artworks inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous and visionary poem 'Kubla Khan'.

During the past year the Friends of Coleridge have been celebrating the bicentenary of the first publication of the poem in 1816.

Somerset Art Works managed this exciting venture in which artists were invited to create a painting inspired by 'Kubla Khan' under the theme 'Imagined Worlds'. The Friends were delighted with the high quality and innovative approaches of many of the region's foremost artists. A selection of their outstanding artworks has been on display in Taunton and Bath.

On 4 May the exhibition comes to Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey, where Coleridge lived for a period of three years during which he wrote much of his most memorable poetry.

This exciting and stimulating exhibition, curated by Jon England and Somerset Art Works, will be on show to visitors in the Garden Room, Coleridge Cottage, Thursdays to Mondays, 11am to 5pm, 4 May to 22 May. Normal admission prices apply.

Other events to celebrate the bicentenary have included a programme of poetry, walks, talks, film and competitions. This highly successful project has been supported by the Arts Council, Somerset Artworks and Somerset Film.

Lecture: ‘Coleridge and the Historical School at Göttingen in 1799'

Lecture: ‘Coleridge and the Historical School at Göttingen in 1799'
Thursday 27 April, 5:30pm, Room 111, Foster Court, UCL, London

You are warmly invited to attend a lecture given by Dr. Maximiliaan van Woudenberg, who will be addressing the Science & Literature seminar organised in collaboration between the Reception of British Authors in Europe (RBAE) and UCL A&H with his paper entitled: ‘Coleridge and the Historical School at Göttingen in 1799'.

Dr. van Woudenberg's paper will be followed by questions and discussion, and the meeting will conclude with a glass of wine at 7:30 pm.

'What did Coleridge do in Göttingen?' This has been a persistent question ever since Coleridge returned to England from Germany in 1799. Over the past two hundred years, responses have varied significantly, interpreting the Göttingen period as spoiling Coleridge’s career as a poet; as a waste of time, or; as a significant influence on his thinking.

Founded by the Hanoverian rulers of Great Britain in the 1730s, the University of Göttingen was an innovative institution that anticipated the foundation of the modern von Humboldt research-university model. Drawing on hitherto unexamined primary records and documents, this talk explores Coleridge’s engagement with the innovations of a Reform university during his studies at the University of Göttingen in 1799. In particular, it was the methodology of the Historical School at Göttingen that had a profound impact on Coleridge’s intellectualism. An understanding of the influence of the Historical School at Göttingen characterizes Coleridge as a visionary whose cross-cultural importation of continental methods in England was ahead of its time.

Dr. Maximiliaan van Woudenberg: Maximilaan van Woudenberg is a College Professor of English and Communications in the Faculty of Humanities at the Sheridan Institute of Technology in Canada. He has published on book history, print and material culture, digital humanities, and such Romantic figures as Austen, Byron, Coleridge, and Mary Shelley. Along with Dr. Anthony Mandal, he is an editor of the online journal Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840. He recently completed a monograph on Coleridge’s activities at the University of Göttingen, which will be published by Routledge this Summer.

Coleridge walk around Stowey in 1797 12-page leaflet

My 12-page leaflet of a walk with Samuel Taylor Coleridge around Nether Stowey in 1797 is now available - get free copies of an A5 printed version in shops in the village and at Coleridge Cottage. Or download an A4-size PDF at the link below. It is intended for visitors and walkers who may wish to learn a little more about Coleridge's short, productive stay in the village.

Terence Sackett

12-page Coleridge Stowey walk leaflet

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