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1 The life and works of Mary Hays (1759–1843)
2 Coleridge in Calne booklet by Ian Enters
3 Invitation to the Annual Wordsworth Lecture - Thurs 22 Nov, 6-7pm, Senate House London
4 Help fund the Ottery Coleridge sculpture by acquiring this beautiful Coleridge Commemorative Coin
5 ‘STC 2018’: The Friends of Coleridge Biennial Summer Conference – report by Justin Shepherd
6 Report by Greg Leadbetter on The Coleridge Autumn Study Weekend 2018
7 The Wordsworth-Coleridge Association 2019
8 Free online course:'Humphry Davy: Laughing gas, literature and the lamp'
9 Musicians! Coleridge song settings
10 Online links to Coleridge texts
11 Writing The West: Literature & Place. An online course
12 Final resting place of William Blake honoured at last
13 Alfoxden - back on the market!!
14 A Celebration of Coleridge in Highgate - a short account by Justin Shepherd
15 New Tom Poole 12-page booklet
16 New book: Darwin's Debt to the Romantics
17 A walk in the Quantocks in the time of Coleridge and Wordsworth
18 A new Friends of Coleridge flyer
19 Free online course on major West of England poets and novelists, including Coleridge
20 Malcolm Guite talk, 'Faith in the Arts', 21 May, Wesley Church, Cambridge