Coleridge Way extension

A 15-mile extension to the Coleridge Way opened this week.  Rosemary Coleridge Middleton was there to officiate at the opening.

She said: 'He wrote Kubla Khan at Ash Farm above Porlock – and it is right that the route should pass there. He had a party of people with him, but he fell ill – so he left the others behind and recuperated for a couple of days at Ash Farm. And I think he’d probably had a couple of drops of laudanum to help him with his stomach, as it were – and that helped him have this dream, or reverie, which enable him to write Kubla Khan ... Walking actually concentrates the mind, soothes the soul and helps sort out problems. It is a healer of the mind, body and spirit and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, my great great great Grandfather, knew this. I’m very proud to say that it is indeed the Coleridge way of doing things! Keep moving, love thinking, do praying, keep talking, just toddle, but if possible do walk.'

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