Coleridge Cottage - one of the top 50 museums in the world

Coleridge Cottage has been recognised as one of the top 50 museums in the world. Earlier this month, The Times printed its list of the world’s 50 best museums, and Coleridge Cottage was proudly ranked 40th in this collection. The list featured the likes of the British Museum and the V&A, as well as other institutions in Berlin, New York and Beijing to name a few.

Renowned author Richard Holmes highlighted Coleridge Cottage as his favourite, describing it as a ‘tiny but intensely atmospheric writer’s museum… one of England’s hidden gems’. He goes on to describe the ‘enchanting garden’ and the vivid scene described in Coleridge’s poem Frost at Midnight, which has been recreated in the parlour complete with the ‘thin blue flame… on my low burnt fire.’ To be acknowledged nationally alongside many of the big players of the heritage world is excellent news.

Well done to Caroline Taylor and the rest of the staff and volunteers at Nether Stowey.


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