Autumn Study Weekend


The Coleridge Autumn Study Weekend 2019
13-15 September, Halsway Manor, Crowcombe, Somerset.

'Coleridge and the Natural World'

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Join us for a convivial weekend in the heart of the Quantocks. This event is held at the atmospheric Halsway Manor, Crowcombe, on the edge of the Quantock Hills, at the heart of Coleridge's Somerset. You'll find the atmosphere relaxed and informal, and if you wish you can join in with the programme of optional outings and walks. Our aim is to make these weekends enjoyable and accessible for anyone with an interest in Coleridge.

Friday September 13th
8.30pm Paul Cheshire: Beldam Nature: Witch and Goddess

Saturday September 14th
9.30am Fiona Stafford: Coleridge’s Trees
11.15am Ralph Pite: ‘The brook runs over Sea-weeds’: Notebooks, Landscapes and Poetry in Coleridge’s Quantocks
2.00pm Guided walk with Peter Larkin.
8.30pm Ian and Jean Anderson: Slide presentation of Somerset flora and fauna, with readings from Dorothy Wordsworth’s Alfoxden Journal and related poets and writers

Sunday September 15th
9.30am Gregory Leadbetter: Coleridge and the ‘Poetry of Nature’:
Self-Altering States in a More-Than-Human World
11.15am Tim Fulford: Spinoza Takes to the Hills, or, Did Coleridge Invent Geology in Britain?

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Officers, enquiries and further details

Dr Gregory Leadbetter: Weekend Director
Justin Shepherd: Enquiries and bookings
David Rix: Weekend Treasurer  Tel 01432 769496


Latest News

Cancelled! Friends of Coleridge AGM, 28 March

Cancelled! Friends of Coleridge AGM, 28 March