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21 'Coleridge Unbound' – a project focusing on the poet’s stance against slavery, performed through dance, music and film
22 Friends of Coleridge AGM and Covid
23 Coleridge Memorial Statue Commissioned
24 Performance of 'The Ancient Mariner' at Alfoxton
25 Alfoxton, Wordsworth’s house at Holford saved by a Buddhist community
26 Coleridge, Bristol and the Slave Trade in 2020
27 Covid19 and the Ottery Coleridge sculpture crowdfunding project
28 Short film — The Rime of the Care Home Manager
29 Nineteenth Century Studies Association Award
30 We Shot the Albatross: Jeffrey Barbeau interviews Philip Hoare
31 Greg Leadbetter on the cancellation of the Autumn Study Weekend
32 Important! Coleridge Summer Conference 2020 cancelled
33 An imagined walk from Racedown to Crewkerne with Coleridge and the Wordsworths, by David Stevens
34 Daily online reading of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'
35 Cancelled! Friends of Coleridge AGM, 28 March
36 Samuel Taylor Coleridge Family Tree
37 A new buyer for Alfoxden House
38 Rosemary Coleridge Middleton (1940–2020)
39 'The Byron Journal' - Essential reading for scholars and students studying the Romantic movement
40 Annual Wordsworth Lecture - Lucy Newlyn