Poetical works, corrections and additions

The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Edited by J.C.C. Mays

This area of the Friends of Coleridge website describes corrections and additions discovered  since the 2001 publication of Poetical Works. The permission of Princeton University Press to use copyright material is gratefully acknowledged.

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The material provided here is supplementary to the text of the 3 volumes as published. It follows the same format and style but is not complete in itself. Corrections and additions to the index are not listed.


The site navigation allows access to the material in three ways starting from the index page.

1. Complete collated supplements to each of the 3 published volumes are available by direct link

2. What’s New: update files arranged by date allow a returning viewer to see what has been added.

3. A complete index of all works that have been updated provides links to new material starting from any particular poem.

Further contributions

Readers are invited to submit further corrections and additions to the editor of the published volumes, Jim Mays at jccm@eircom.net or by mail to Ballycullen, Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland. Textual corrections or additions should be accompanied by a reproduction sufficient to confirm the accuracy of new readings. Corrections and additions to editorial notes and commentary are also invited, but only where these relate to commentary already present.

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Recitals of 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'