Friends of Coleridge Subscription Increase 2025

Dear Member of the Friends of Coleridge,

Despite inflationary pressures, we have managed to keep FoC subscriptions unchanged since 2011. In recent years, however, there have been considerable increases in the cost of printing and postage for delivery of The Coleridge Bulletin, exceeding total subscription income in each of the last four years. Clearly this is not sustainable, but the committee wishes to continue to provide members with the same quality journal that we have produced in the past.

We value our membership tremendously and continue to offer some of the best rates among literary societies in the U.K., and indeed globally. In the coming year, in addition to receiving two issues of The Coleridge Bulletin, members will have access to the latest online talks and the opportunity to attend the biennial summer conference. We also plan to revamp our website, making existing and future content more readily accessible to contemporary devices, while adding exciting new primary sources available to the public for the first time. We are also renewing and developing our longstanding commitment to the West Country as a focal point for the study of Romanticism, and Coleridge in particular, and look forward to sharing these plans with you in the coming months.

Above all, your support continues the mission of the Friends of Coleridge: to foster interest in the life and works of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his circle. In deciding the new rates, we have had to catch up with past inflation, and to provide room for stability over the next few years. The new rates, which will take effect from 1 January 2025, are:

UK Single£18£26
UK Double£23£31
UK Institutional£30£35
Europe Single£22£31
Europe Double£27£36
Europe Institutional£45£50
Rest of World Single£27£38
Rest of World Double£32£43
Rest of World Institutional£60£60

PayPal Users will find that the changes to the subscription rates will be applied automatically. The PayPal buttons on our website will be updated towards the end of this year.

If you pay by Bank Standing Order, please contact your bank to make the necessary change. This can easily be done through telephone and on-line banking, and banking apps; or you can download a postal form from our website.

We hope that you agree that these modest rises still represent excellent value for money, and provide a membership experience that nourishes our shared enthusiasm for Coleridge’s work in uniquely rewarding ways.

In case of any difficulties or queries, please contact us by email: or


Professor Gregory Leadbetter
Chair, The Friends of Coleridge

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