Coleridge Conference 2024, 29 July-2 Aug, Grasmere

Coleridge Conference 2024, 29 July-2 Aug, Grasmere

Dove Cottage April 2021

The 2024 Coleridge Conference will take place at Dove Cottage/The Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, 29 July-2 August 2024. This will be the first time in its history that the Coleridge Conference has taken place in the Lakes, where Coleridge wrote ‘Dejection’ and The Friend.

The conference will follow the BARS Conference in Glasgow and precede the Wordsworth Summer Conference in Rydal. The keynote speaker is Nigel Leask, Regius Professor at the University of Glasgow and author of The Politics of Imagination in Coleridge’s Critical Thought and Stepping Westward.

To enquire about attendance, please contact Tim Fulford by email on fulfat62 at or Jo Taylor at joanna.taylor at 

Numbers will be limited by the capacity of the Jerwood Centre, so we advise booking your place early. For this Coleridge Conference, delegates will find their own place of residence — though we will lunch and dine together each day. In Grasmere there are many hotels, BnBs, AirBnBs and a youth hostel with both shareable and single-occupancy rooms (no dorms). There is also a campsite. We won’t be rating accommodation or liaising between delegates and accommodation, except to say that the nearest hotel to the venue is the Daffodil and that tripadvisor reviews are very helpful.

Tim Fulford

Jo Taylor

Greg Leadbetter

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