Friends of Coleridge Social Media Coordinator

The Friends of Coleridge—a registered charity that aims to foster interest in the life and works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and to support Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey, Somerset, through co-operation with the National Trust—is pleased to announce a search for a Social Media Coordinator. The individual (or individuals) will strengthen the Friends’ social media presence, connect existing and prospective members to the work of the Friends, and support the larger mission and activities of the society.
The Friends of Coleridge Social Media Coordinator shall have the following responsibilities:
* Manage accounts across the major social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
* Post new items related to the work and mission of the Friends of Coleridge in a professional,
accessible, and scholarly manner
* Foster connections and a sense of belonging among existing members
* Generate wider interest that may be measured in new membership applications
* Re-post, as appropriate, social media “news”/non-partisan content from other outlets  
* Share content related to articles, reviews, etc. from The Coleridge Bulletin  
* Communicate key aspects of the Friends of Coleridge Newsletter to the public
* Cooperate with the website administrator to bring new resources to public awareness
* Respond to those who inquire about the work of the Friends through social media
* Report and collaborate with the Friends of Coleridge steering committee, as needed
The individual will receive an honorarium of £500 for their service. Interested parties should send an
academic cv and statement of interest (or email of inquiry) to by
December 15, 2021.

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