Short film — The Rime of the Care Home Manager

Ancient Mariner care manager

Ian Wilson, CBE, who is involved in a small charity to help older people in the New Cross. London, contacted us to recently.  He has helped produce a six-minute film which uses a dramatised, modernised and reworked version of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner to draw attention to the plight of care homes during this Covid crisis. He hopes it will help raise funds.

Here are the links:
in support of:

I realise that not all will feel that it appropriate for the Friends to share material that is critical of the government’s approach to care homes and PPE, which is one message of this film. However, whatever one’s views, I believe that members and others will agree that this polished and effective piece is an interesting contemporary example of the continued power and relevance of Coleridge’s poem.  It is the latest in a long line of parodies, reworkings and homages to the Rime, often for satirical and political purposes, which go back as far as the pages of Punch and Baudelaire’s poem L’albatros in the nineteenth century.

All, however, will welcome the opportunity to support the work of such a charity.

Justin Shepherd, Chair

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