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Crawford Coleridge Bibliography
An online 2003 supplement to the comprehensive two volumes of Coleridge bibliography published by W.B. and A. Crawford.


The Literature Network
A brief biography of Coleridge with e-texts of his major poems; quite a good starting point for someone new to Coleridge wanting a quick introduction.

The British Library Coleridge database
The British Library has a Samuel Taylor Coleridge section containing a vast array of essays, articles and collection pages that should be of great interest to Coleridgeans, students and academics. It includes pages from his 'A Walking Tour of Cumbria (August 1802)'.

The Wanderings of Cain
Published by Romantic Circles, e-text edited by Nikki Santilli. This ingenious collation of texts and fragments is tantamount to an archaeological reconstruction. Coleridge wrote to Byron in 1815 describing this as a lost poem: ‘I have unfortunately lost the only copy – and can remember no part distinctly but the first stanza … Sir G. Beaumont [Wordsworth's patron] thought it the most impressive of my compositions--& I shall probably compose it over again’. As if....(CL IV 601-2)

Lyrical Ballads: An Electronic Scholarly Edition
Published by Romantic Circles and Cambridge University Press, edited by Bruce Graver and Ronald Tetreault. It covers five published states of Lyrical Ballads and uses the electronic format to great advantage.

Frost at Midnight online study guide
By David Miall and Don Kuiken of the University of Alberta as part of an intended 'Literature and Psychology' series. E-text of the poem, critical essays by well-known figures enhanced by an illuminating contextualisation within theories on the psychology of attachment, loss and fantasy.

A Hypertext History of the Transmission of Coleridge's Christabel 1800-1816
Chris Koenig-Woodyard's essay from Romanticism on the Net takes full advantage of the possibilities of hypertext links to set out the complex nexus of Christabel's pre-publication history.

E-text of Biographia Literaria
Text of Biographia Literaria

Wordsworth Trust
Dove Cottage in the Lake District is established in the popular imagination as the Mecca of the romantic movement. While we try to remind the world that Lyrical Ballads originated from Wordsworth's time at Alfoxden in the Quantock Hills, we still salute the Lakes.

Charles Lamb Society
Coleridge and Lamb were firm friends in life, and the enduring link between them is reflected in the number of people who have membership of both associations. Members receive the Quarterly Charles Lamb Bulletin.

John Thelwall Society
The John Thelwall Society is the first international society dedicated to the study of the late-eighteenth-century enlightenment polymath, John Thelwall—radical republican orator and writer, democratic reformer, poet, playwright, novelist, historian and speech therapist. He was a friend and supporter of Coleridge, and visited Nether Stowey in 1797, enjoying Quantock walks with Tom Poole and the Wordsworths.

Hypertext meets Kubla Khan
The authors Lisa and Jonathan Price take full advantage of the hypertext medium to link 'Kubla Khan' to its various sources, and provide generous extracts from these. The sources listed range from the well-known such as William Bartram and Purchas, to the lesser known such as Athanasius Kircher and Jerome Lobo. It's very well put together and a treat to graze in.


General Romanticism links

BARS (The British Association for Romantic Studies)
Includes online reviews from past BARS Bulletins, conferences and other events.

Romantic Circles
Authoritative site with electronic editions, links etc. Two Coleridge electronic texts from this site are already linked above.

Romanticism on the Net
Online journal with articles, links and events listing.
The North American Society for the Study of Romanticism is a forum for the discussion of a wide variety of theoretical approaches to Romantic works of all genres and disciplines.

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Recitals of 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

Recitals of 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'