Recommended books about Coleridge


Biographies of Coleridge in the West Country

Coleridge and Wordsworth in Somerset
Berta Lawrence, David & Charles 1970

Coleridge: Early Visions
Richard Holmes, Hodder 1989

Coleridge and Wordsworth in the West Country
Tom Mayberry, Alan Sutton 1992

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The West Country Years
Reggie Watters, Friends of Coleridge 2011

The Bondage of Love: A Life of Mrs Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Molly Lefebure, Gollancz 1986


General biographies of Coleridge

The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Critical Biography
Rosemary Ashton, Blackwell 1996

Coleridge: Darker Reflections [after the West Country years]
Richard Holmes, Harper Collins 1998

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Bondage of Opium
Molly Lefebure, Quartet 1977

Writers' Lives: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Seamus Perry, The British Library 2003


Critical studies

F J A Hort, 1856. An essay on Coleridge's philosophy. Read online at

On Bentham and Coleridge
John Stuart Mill, 1838. With an introduction by F R Leavis, Cambridge University Press, paperback

The Road to Xanadu
John Livingston Lowes, 1927. Demonstrates, among other things, the breadth of Coleridge's reading, and his astonishing power of synthesizing what he read

Coleridge the Visionary (1959)
John Beer, 1959. Examines both the intellectual organization of Coleridge's poetry and the imaginative qualities implicit in his philosophy.


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Coleridge Conference 2024, 29 July-2 Aug, Grasmere