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The 2020 Coleridge Summer Conference in the Lake District

From 27-31 July 2020 the Coleridge Conference will be held for the first time in the Lake District, in the heart of Newlands, the valley he loved for ‘the exceeding greenness & pastoral beauty of the Vale itself, with the savage wildness of the Mountains, their Coves, and long arm-shaped & elbow-shaped Ridges'.

As usual, the conference will be both intense and relaxed, as the mostly plenary sessions overspill into garden parties, poetry readings and hikes along the river, up Causey Pike or to the nearby pub and tearooms. A ropes course, volleyball and archery will be available for the more athletic Coleridgeans. Paddling and stone-skimming in the beck is also possible.

This time, our keynote speaker is Mary Favret, author of War at a Distance and Romantic Correspondence.

Our venue, Newlands Activity Centre, is viewable here:

Tim Fulford


Through Coleridge's Eyes - Romanticism through words and music

Through Coleridge's Eyes - Landscape in Words and Music

All Saint’s Church, Nynehead Court, Wellington, Somerset
Friday 4th October 7:00pm–9:15pm

Entry price includes a light buffet during the interval in the Orangery

Stable Arts in collaboration with the Friends of Coleridge Society invite you to explore Romanticism through poetry and music.

Poets: Ian Enters, Christopher Jelley, Alice Maddicott
Singer and Musician: Tabitha Payne, Graham Kennedy

For more information and to purchase tickets:
Phone: 07938 705896 Email:


Spreading the word about the Quantocks and the Coleridge Way

Terence Sackett writes:

Friends of Coleridge members will be aware that it is part of the society’s constitution to broaden the knowledge about Coleridge and Wordsworth among residents and visitors. Equally important is that we publicise the Coleridge Way and the Quantock landscapes which influenced so much of the writings of the two poets.

I have been working with two local organisations. Stowey Green Spaces improve and publicise the network of local footpaths, as well as maintaining and restoring local woodlands by planting new stands of deciduous trees. Stowey Walking have created a range of walks in and around the village and the Quantock Hills. I have also arranged Coleridge-themed Quantock walks as part of their walking festival.

The photograph shows the official opening of the new interpretation panel I designed for the two organisations. It has been installed in the old gaol by the clock tower, which is to become the village information centre. The printing was generously funded by Nigel and Janet Phillips.
Stowey-based members of the Friends of Coleridge are working closely with the two organisations, and with the Quantock AONB. An expanded and nationally publicised Walking Festival is planned for next year, which will include Coleridge and Wordsworth themed walks.

Gaol panel opening


The Ancient Mariner - a powerful musical drama

The Ancient Mariner
Corkscrew Theater Company
Corpus Playroom (Part of ADC Theatre), 10 St Edward's Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PJ
Thu 3 October at 7:00pm, Fri 4 October at 7:00pm, Sat 5 October at 7:00pm

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s gripping and compelling story is retold through this powerful musical drama. One man retells his sad story; how he and his crewmates set sail in good weather, but were soon beset by storm and then ice. In a callous act he shoots from the sky an albatross, and then watches as one after one his crewmates die.But the mariner cannot die. He has been cursed for his crime against nature to be abandoned forever upon the wide, wide sea.

Corkscrew Theatre Company are a local company established in 2014, working to produce high quality and innovative theatre for Cambridgeshire audiences.

To book a ticket, visit

Coleridges hair

Lawrence's auction with some Coleridge items

There is a Lawrence's auction on 6 September with some interesting Coleridge items. They include some rather worn Watchman pages, an British Neptune, a Notebooks set, and an early 19th-century envelope containing some of Coleridge's hair.
The link to the online catalogue can be viewed at