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61 Friends of Coleridge AGM
62 Coleridge Lectures - Bristol Ideas Festival 20 and 27 April, 3 May
63 Symposium: Historical Poetics in the 18th And 19th Centuries, Connecticut, November 2017
64 Join the Coleridge and Cottle Walk, Chepstow to Tintern, 22nd & 23rd April 2017
65 Malcom Guite: Talk - The meeting of Coleridge and Blake in fact and imagination
66 Conference: Robert Southey and Romantic-era literature, culture and science: 1797, 1817, 2017, Clifton, Bristol, 11-13 April 2017
67 Listen to Justin Shepherd's radio interview on his new booklet 'In Xanadu'
68 Remember to buy your 'In Xanadu' booklet by Justin Shepherd
69 Imagined Worlds art exhibition now on in Bath
70 Imagined Worlds update
71 A showing of ‘Pandaemonium’ at Watchet
72 Opus Anglicanum - Bosham Church 19 November
73 Kubla Khan Imagined Worlds Events update
74 Buy 'Il Cantico dell' Antico Navicante', an Italian translation of 'The Ancient Mariner'
75 Romantic Poetry and ‘the Existing State of Things’ – a Talk
76 Shirley Watters
77 Summer Conference Report by Anastasia Stelse
78 Kubla Khan Poetry awards evening, Taunton
79 Seamus Perry on Coleridge in Taunton
80 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner-concert of new music by Lynne Plowman