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41 Online Supplement to Coleridge's 'Marginalia'
42 Free online course: Humphry Davy
43 Imagined Worlds 'Kubla Khan' project report
44 "I (did not) shoot the albatross"
45 Conference: Sibylline Leaves: Chaos and Compilation in the Romantic Period
46 Alfoxden to Stowey Walk
47 Symposium: ‘Writing Romantic Lives’
48 Imagined Worlds 'Kubla Khan' art exhibition at Coleridge Cottage in May
49 Lecture: ‘Coleridge and the Historical School at Göttingen in 1799'
50 Coleridge walk around Stowey in 1797 12-page leaflet
51 Malcolm Guite talk at Coleridge Cottage 21 April
52 New Music Release: Howard Skempton – 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'
53 Friends of Coleridge AGM
54 Coleridge Lectures - Bristol Ideas Festival 20 and 27 April, 3 May
55 Symposium: Historical Poetics in the 18th And 19th Centuries, Connecticut, November 2017
56 Join the Coleridge and Cottle Walk, Chepstow to Tintern, 22nd & 23rd April 2017
57 Malcom Guite: Talk - The meeting of Coleridge and Blake in fact and imagination
58 Conference: Robert Southey and Romantic-era literature, culture and science: 1797, 1817, 2017, Clifton, Bristol, 11-13 April 2017
59 Listen to Justin Shepherd's radio interview on his new booklet 'In Xanadu'
60 Remember to buy your 'In Xanadu' booklet by Justin Shepherd