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21 Spreading the word about the Quantocks and the Coleridge Way
22 The Ancient Mariner - a powerful musical drama
23 Lawrence's auction with some Coleridge items
24 Through Mountains to the Sea: John Scanlon on a Romantic poets' quest along the Lake District A66
25 The Humphry Davy Notebooks Project has just launched
26 'Coleridge and the Natural World' - AN UNMISSABLE HALSWAY AUTUMN STUDY WEEKEND this September
27 New ‘Coleridge and Wordsworth in the Quantocks’ 12-page booklet, by Terence Sackett
28 'Beauty, Love and Truth in Cambridge'
29 Romantic-Era Lakeland - Two-day conference report
30 Romantic Bristol - a smart-phone app
31 Symposium:Romanticism at The Royal Institution
32 Keats200: Keats and Coleridge events, Highgate
33 Friends of Coleridge AGM 2019
34 Shrewsbury Coleridge Celebration
35 Report about Philip Aherne's Highgate Coleridge Lecture
36 The life and works of Mary Hays (1759–1843)
37 Coleridge in Calne booklet by Ian Enters
38 Invitation to the Annual Wordsworth Lecture - Thurs 22 Nov, 6-7pm, Senate House London
39 Help fund the Ottery Coleridge sculpture by acquiring this beautiful Coleridge Commemorative Coin
40 ‘STC 2018’: The Friends of Coleridge Biennial Summer Conference – report by Justin Shepherd