Romantic Litscape: Ralph Hoyte

Artlife and Ralph Hoyte

Romantic Litscape will release 'audio-ghosts' of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, to talk and wander across the Quantock Hills of Somerset and North Exmoor. Bringing the lives of the Romantics to the world of the smart phone; by walking specific routes in this beautiful landscape you will eavesdrop on fragments of re-imagined monologues and conversations.

This will be an entirely original work of literary fiction taking as its basis the journals and writings of the Romantic poets, particularly relating to West Somerset. The work will also be available on-line via a web-based mapping application.

This exciting project, currently in development, is being arranged by ARTlifeLAND, as a response to the major changes affecting the landscape around the Hinkley C development site. It is part of a range of projects helping to mitigate the impact of these changes and their effect on local communities and tourism in the area.

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