Spreading the word about the Quantocks and the Coleridge Way


Terence Sackett writes:

Friends of Coleridge members will be aware that it is part of the society’s constitution to broaden the knowledge about Coleridge and Wordsworth among residents and visitors. Equally important is that we publicise the Coleridge Way and the Quantock landscapes which influenced so much of the writings of the two poets.

I have been working with two local organisations. Stowey Green Spaces improve and publicise the network of local footpaths, as well as maintaining and restoring local woodlands by planting new stands of deciduous trees. Stowey Walking have created a range of walks in and around the village and the Quantock Hills. I have also arranged Coleridge-themed Quantock walks as part of their walking festival.

The photograph shows the official opening of the new interpretation panel I designed for the two organisations. It has been installed in the old gaol by the clock tower, which is to become the village information centre. The printing was generously funded by Nigel and Janet Phillips.
Stowey-based members of the Friends of Coleridge are working closely with the two organisations, and with the Quantock AONB. An expanded and nationally publicised Walking Festival is planned for next year, which will include Coleridge and Wordsworth themed walks.

Gaol panel opening

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