'Coleridge and the Natural World' - AN UNMISSABLE HALSWAY AUTUMN STUDY WEEKEND this September

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Coleridge combined an extraordinary sensitivity to the natural world, the sensuous intelligence of a great poet, and a restless desire to know and understand the living order that we inhabit.

In its unique combination of lectures, seminars and participatory discussion, this year's Autumn Study Weekend will explore the astonishing range and depth of Coleridge's lifelong engagement with nature, both physical and metaphysical, scientific and poetic, in the company of leading scholars and writers.

Its setting at Halsway Manor, nestled in the Quantock Hills, is the perfect place to spend time with Coleridge and his 'wild-wood' ways, 'Through open glade, dark glen, and secret dell'.

Click here to view the details of the program of lectures and Saturday evening entertainment, and to download the registration form.

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