The life and works of Mary Hays (1759–1843)

Mary Hays

Mary Hays (1759–1843) was an intellectual who published essays, poetry, novels, and several works on famous women. She is remembered for her early feminism, and her close relations to dissenting and radical thinkers of her time including Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, and William Frend.

Click below to view the most complete account to date of her life and writings, including:

* A fully searchable text of all her surviving correspondence (several not previous known) presented in chronological order 

* The complete texts of all her periodical writings between 1784 and 1801, including the entirety of her memoir of Mary Wollstonecraft

* A complete text of Cursory Remarks (1792) and portions of Letters and Essays 1793) and some prefaces to her later works

* The complete texts of all known reviews and notices (approximately 45) of Hays's writings between 1792 and 1821

* The first complete and accurate transcriptions of some 90 letters from Eliza Fenwick to Mary Hays between 1798 and 1828 (these are included in the Correspondence)

And much more.

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