The Coleridge Way Companion Guide

Ian Pearson’s Coleridge Way route guide and path companion takes the reader along the full 51 miles of the path.

It is a travelogue, route guide, and gazetteer, and packed with stories and anecdotes about Coleridge himself, the people who live (and lived) along the path, and the places the poet would have visited.

Ian Pearson, together with his partner Lynne, runs the Old Cider House Bed and Breakfast in Nether Stowey. He has been involved with the Coleridge Way project since its inception, and walked the route prior to its official opening in 2005. He is keen to continue his involvement with the path and planned to be the first person to walk the newly extended route on 1st June 2014 – thwarted by a broken arm while researching the guide! Ian and Lynne also arrange Real Ale Walks, introducing groups to the spectacular Quantock landscapes.

To buy a copy of the guide (£10 plus £2.50 p&p) visit

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