New Book: The Invisible World, Jonathan Wordsworth

The Invisible World: Lectures on British Romantic Poetry and the Romantic Imagination
Jonathan Wordsworth (Author), Richard Haynes (Editor)

314 pages 
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback: £14.99

The book originates from one of the great Romantic scholars of our time. The ten chapters are each transcriptions of a lecture given by Jonathan Wordsworth at the Wordsworth Summer Conference or Wordsworth Winter School which have been edited and annotated. There are detailed assessments of the poetry of Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Keats with references to Shelley and Byron. Central 'Romantic' questions are addressed such as: What did Romanticism consist of? What was the Romantic Imagination? How did Wordsworth engage with the French Revolution? How did Wordsworth engage with women? What was the importance of Ossian and Burns? How does an eccentric writer like Blake fit into 'Romanticism'? What do the great Romantic poets have in common?

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