Walking with Coleridge

“We will go on a roam to Linton and Linmouth, which if thou camest in May will be in all their pride of woods and waterfalls, not to speak of the august cliffs, and the green ocean, and the Vast Valley of Stones.”

In early November 1797 Coleridge and the Wordsworths set off across the Quantocks to walk to Porlock and then on to Lynmouth and the Valley of the Rocks.

The Coleridge Way, following the poets’ route, was opened in 2005, covering 36 miles of Somerset and Devon coast and countryside. This year there are plans to extend the route past Culbone, with its links to Kubla Khan, through the Doone Valley, and on to Lynmouth. This will add 14 miles to the walk.

The new extension should be open to walkers by early summer this year. To find out more, visit www.coleridgeway.co.uk

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