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p 8 The Fall of Robespierre (76.X1)


Substitute the following at close of second para:


was made popular by the Countess of Genlis's Adelaide and Theodore; or, Letters on Education (trans 3 vols London 1783), the story of a brother and sister who are removed from Paris to Languedoc to be educated in a state of sentimental simplicity. It significantly reappears thereafter in the titles of several gothic and anti-jacobin novels -- e.g. the anonymous Adelaide; or, Conjugal Affection. From the French (1785) and Lindor and Adelaide, a Moral Tale; in which are Exhibited the Effects of the Late French Revolution on the Peasantry of France. . . . By the Author of "Observations on Doctor Price's Revolution Sermon" [viz. Edward Sayer] (1790) -- as well as afterwards providing the title of domestic tragedies by Henry James Pye (1800), Richard Lalor Sheil (1814) and Barbara Hofland (1823).





p 52 Osorio (146.X1)


Introduction, lines 6-7, read "E. A. Heawood" -- viz. insert second initial, "A." see also 1cxxvi)





p 145 Osorio (146.X1)


V ii, add EC on line 154, as follows:


Quoted in Notebook 16, at a time when revisions of the closing scene appeared to be stirring. See 379 Written in a Dream 4 and EC.





 p 180 The Piccolomini (262.X1)


Last line of second para, emend to: pp 284-5.


(Joyce Crick)





p 182 The Piccolomini (262.X1)


13 lines from bottom of page, insert umlaut (viz. Württembergisches)


(Joyce Crick)





p 196 The Piccolomini (262.X1)


14 lines from bottom of page delete "in" (viz. consistently)


(Joyce Crick)





p 424 Die Piccolomini (262.X1)


EC column A, read: darauf


(Joyce Crick)





p 876 Wallenstein (263.X1)


Insert hyphen into last line of text (viz. Mondes-sichel)


(Joyce Crick)








 iv of part 2 prelims [verso of title page], line 13.


Correct to "reading text" (= lower case "r") -- as in all other parts






p 1237 Remorse (Printed) (502.X3)


Correct line 2 of title-page epigraph to "balmy".





p 1372 Zapolya (517.X1)


I i 238a. Correct the speaker of the first half-line to "LASK."





p 1394 Zapolya (517.X1)


III i 3. This should be printed as complementary half-lines, viz with the second half aligned right to begin following "safety." above. Viz:


                        Interest or safety.

                         LASK.                  In this sovereign presence.





 p 1422 Zapolya (517.X1)


IV iii 1. Correct italic F to roman -- viz to "From"




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